Education and tools to form lasting, healthy relationships

“I thought he/she loved me.” “How can someone I thought I knew be so cruel to me?” “What is abuse?” “How do I know if my partner is abusive?” “How can I overcome from a destructive relationship?” “How do I date in a healthy way?”  Abuse is rampant in our culture: one in three teens experience some form of dating abuse, one in four females will be sexually assaulted while in college, and one in  three women, and one in four men have been victims of some form of physical violence in their lifetime.  People are confused about what a healthy relationship is, and what constitutes an unhealthy relationship. Violence, porn, abuse–our culture is a mess!

The purpose of R.E.A.L. Relationships is to provide the education and tools necessary to form healthy and lasting relationships, and to prevent destructive relationships. We specialize in youth and young adults! Our young people are caught up in this confusing culture, trying to figure out how to have healthy relationships themselves. Our goal is to equip young adults with the skills and knowledge to be able to avoid unhealthy relationships and to create healthy, fulfilling and safe relationships with themselves and others.

People today have little hope that they can have lasting and fulfilling relationships. R.E.A.L. Relationships is here to give hope: lasting and rewarding relationships can and do happen, and we can show you how to achieve these.

The goal of R.E.A.L. Relationships is to educate and equip people with the skills and tools necessary to live healthy, empowered lives in relationship with themselves and others, and to prevent abusive relationships. We offer classes, seminars, assemblies and coaching services.

Endorsed by the Colorado Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Science (CATFACS) and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA).


“If every teenager around the country could hear what she has to say about respecting ourselves and each other, our generation would grow up to be a light and to be very respected. She definitely knows what she is talking about, and her talents and knowledge should be given the opportunity to spread to to the many people around her.”  

– Fabbiana Progar, Student


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Helping kids learn how to guard their hearts!

Equipping and empowering young people to have healthy relationships and to avoid unhealthy relationships!


Presenting at the CATFACS conference.

Presenting at the CATFACS conference.

Helping kids learn to guard their hearts!

Helping kids learn how to guard their hearts!